What are Subscriptions?
Subscriptions are packages offered for sale by publishers, which can be used to register for events with special rates, or for free. The cost of registering for an event can be expressed in cash or credits, but access to the rate can be linked to the possession of a season ticket.
What is an 'On Demand' course?
An 'On Demand' course does not have a specific date on which it will be held. An example are courses that are provided in the form of manuals or videos, or courses whose dates are agreed with the publisher.
What are credits?
Credits are an alternative payment system that publishers can use for event registrations. Publishers can put up for sale on their page on the Bookaclass.net website, credit packages, which can be purchased by users, with which it will then be possible to register for their events. Basically they are a kind of publisher's currency, and can be used to register for its events. When you purchase credits, they are paid into your account, and will be available for you to subscribe to those whose membership is expressed in credits.
Can I unsubscribe from an event?
It is possible to unsubscribe up to a week before the start of the course. If the cost of the registration was in cash, it is possible to decide whether to convert this amount into a credit to be reused at the same publisher, or request a refund, minus the fees charged by the provider of the banking operation (generally about 3% of the amount). If the cost of the subscription was in credits, these will be automatically credited back to your account.
Can I ask for a refund for a registration to an event?
Refunds can be requested for a course that has undergone significant changes after enrollment. Relevant changes are considered: - change of date / time - of the instructor (s) - place where the course takes place - course category Upon modification of one of the aforementioned parameters, registration automatically becomes eligible for a refund request, which must be made by the customer within one week of the course. In case of cancellation of the course, the refund becomes automatic. In the case of credits, these are transferred to the customer account, in the case of money they are refunded directly to the customer.
What are disputes?
Disputes can be opened to manage issues related to an event, and are handled directly by the client and publisher. Bookaclass.net does not intervene in any way on the merits of the dispute, which must be resolved between the publisher and the customer. The sums of money affected by the dispute, and not yet paid to the publisher, are frozen by Bookaclass.net and are not paid to the owner, nor reimbursed to the customer until the dispute is closed. The dispute is in any case closed after 40 days from the date of the event, with the payment of the consideration to the publisher, except in cases in which willful misconduct is ascertained, or there are more disputes open for the same event. For details of the disputes refer to the General Contract Conditions
Where can I see the courses I have enrolled in?
In your user area, in the 'Courses' section you can view all the courses you have subscribed to, past and future. You can also view a calendar with all the events you are subscribed to.
Where can I find the purchases I made on Bookaclass.net?
In your user area, in the 'Orders' section, you can consult all the history of the orders you have placed on Bookaclass.net, and view the details of each individual transaction
Where can I find the credit report?
The credits available to you are visible in your user area in the 'Subscriptions' section.
Where can I find my Subscriptions?
The subscriptions you have purchased are visible in your user area in the 'Subscriptions' section.
How can I become an Publisher?
To become a publisher you must be a registered user on bookaclass.net and have a verified phone number. To publish your courses you must access the publishers area by clicking on the 'Publisher Account' link, present at the bottom of every page of Bookaclass.net. If the link is not present you will find the link 'Become Publisher' which will guide you in the registration procedure of your new account.